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November 28, 2010

HL-4040CN comes with fast printing with extraordinary results. It is designed to fulfill the printing needs of small businesses. The consumption of inks of this Brother HL-4040CN is very economical that is why it is very ideal for those who just start running their own business. With high-quality printing and economical ink expenditure, this printer costs $400-$500.

Features and Functionality

Powerful and excellent text and images can be reached with the print resolution of 2400 by 600 dots per inch and provided by the HL-4040CN. The capacity of paper that can be loaded on a paper tray is 300 sheets. Therefore, this printer is suitable for handling big projects. The potential to accept a wide range of print media like envelopes, letterhead, and custom paper sizes makes the Brother HL-4040CN reliable to do numerous printing jobs.

The Brother HL-4040CN toner cartridges come with fantastic capabilities. They are very inexpensive and have an amazing capability to print up to 5,000 pages for black and 4,000 pages for color. And again once you have used your cartridges, you do not have to do maintenance so often. You are also given a choice to prolong the life of your toner cartridges by changing to toner save mode.

To be able to print with outstanding results, this Brother HL-4040CN applies toner cartridges TN115C, TN115M, TN115Y and TN11BK. The price of these genuine toner cartridges will be more expensive when compared to the compatible brand versions. That is why if you want to save more money for toner cartridges but without having to ignore the print quality, you can choose the compatible brand versions.

Having the Brother HL-4040CN, you do not have to worry about the operating system you are using because this printer supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS. To help the fluency of your business, this printer is equipped with parallel interfaces, USB connectivity and Ethernet compatibility that lets you make workgroups.
Although not as popular as the other printer brands like Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Canon Brother Printers can compete with them. Techie critics, users, and experts gave commendable and positive reviews on several Brother Printers. Given its rise in popularity among consumers and the positive reviews it received in various online websites and print magazines, Brother Printers now resiliently contend in the printer market.

If you prefer purchasing Brother Printers over other brands, then you may select any of the following five best Brother Printers out there today. Here are the five of them:


A popular Brother, the laser printer HL-2140 boasts of a fast printing speed of 22 pages per minute. However, what makes it tremendously awesome as a printer had more to do with its maximum resolution. This Printer print at an amazing 2,400 x 600 dpi, which results in really solid and lucid text and images. This Brother Printer handles about 250 sheets so that numerous and continuous printing is no stressful endeavor. It designed to be a really cost-effective printer. The HL 21-40 uses a toner that can print out 2,600 pages. High-production offices can really make use of this printer. The compact design of the HL-2140 aids in making the most of the space in a desk or a table.


For a printer with multi-function usage, the DCP-165C is one of the best Brother Printers to purchase this year. The DCP -165C prints in black and color, copies, and scans altogether. Easy to use and compact in size, the DCP-165C makes a perfect all around workplace equipment in the comfort of one's home. This printer prints really quality photographs and colored documents. The DCP-165C also features PC-free photo printing. This means that you can print photographs without using a desktop or laptop. This printer with Brother Printer ink prints at 30 pages per minute at black and 25 pages per minute at colored printing.


For a Brother printer who allows the user to save precious time and money, the DCP-185C features an Auto-Document Feeder that allows the user to copy or scan multiple pages while he or she is doing something else. Like other Printers, the DCP-185C allows the user to print photographs directly without the use of a desktop or a laptop. A USB flash memory drive or digital camera can be connected directly to it in order to print pictures. In addition to that, the DCP-185C allows the user to scan a document straight to an Adobe PDF file or as an e-mail attachment. The DCP-185C toner ink cartridges permit the user to do a lot of work at a faster pace than normal.


With the MFC-290C, a normal household can be converted into a small workplace. The MFC-290C prints top-quality photographs and colored documents. It also has an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) which makes it useful for continuous printing. It as well features PC-free photo printing, which means that you can print directly from a USB flash drive or a digital camera.


The HL-5250DN uses Brother Ink prints at quite a fast print speed of 28 pages per minute for a colored and 30 pages per minute for black. It also features a duplex print option, which allows it to auto duplex print up to 13 pages per minute. In addition to that, these Brother prints at an amazing 1200 x 1200 dpi.
The refilling of this cartridge is messy therefore it is advised that gloves should be worn and the place where refilling is done should be covered with a newspaper or some other absorbent material.

The following steps can guide you to an easy refill of your brother printer cartridges. The different models have little variations in the procedures other remaining the same.

Brother printer cartridge LC01C, LC01Y, LC01M and LC01BK (MFC 7000 series)

1. Place any absorbent material like a towel underneath before refilling the brother ink cartridges.

2. After filling ink in the syringe bottle remove the needle and put the cone shaped adaptor on it.

3. Find the hole in the cartridge through which the ink flows out and turn the exit port down facing your lap.

4. Slowly inject the ink from the syringe bottle into the cartridge until the ink starts coming out of the vent hole and is not foamy.

5. Now turn the cartridge the other way round so that the vent hole faces you and the exit port is towards your lap.

6. Put the needle back into the syringe bottle and inject the needle into the vent hole. Continue injecting till the ink comes out of the exit hole and stops foaming.

7. Leave the cartridge in this position for about ten minutes. Then repeat the 6th step and let it rest for another ten minutes.

8. Install the cartridge in the printer. If it has to be transported then an electrical tape can be used to cover the exit and vent holes but must be removed before printing.